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  1. Master Plan feasibility study for a potential capital campaign

  2. Parish Registrations

    Want to be a member of St. Christopher Parish? It's easy! Click here to find out how!

  3. Online Giving!

  4. St. Anthony’s Changing Lives Forever Program

  5. 360° view of the interior of St. Christopher Parish and Chapel

  6. Catholics Welcome Home

  7. Download the MyParish App for St. Christopher Today!

    Stay in the know of our parish activities. Receive push notifications, add events to your calendar, send in prayer requests... and more!

  8. 10 Things We Want You To Know About The Catholic Faith

    We are Catholics in southern and central Indiana. We love God and strive to be good neighbors.

  9. Connected in the Spirit Assessment Results

  10. Current Volunteer Opportunities

    Please look at the current available opportunities for ministries listed.  Click "Current Volunteer Opportunities" above to  view these listings.

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